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Memorializing the Victims of Reconstruction Terror in SC

Soon after the Civil War, black men were given the right to vote by the SC constitution of 1868. Many South Carolina whites refused to accept this and responded with a sustained campaign of threats, violence, and election fraud.

Generations of South Carolinians have passed without a serious reckoning of this dark chapter in our history. A statue memorializing the citizens of our state who lost their life in this terrorism is long overdue.

A New Monument

South Carolinians, let’s come together and erect a statue memorializing our murdered citizens. The ground of our state is crying out with the voice of our brothers’ blood! Let’s answer that call with a monument to stand tall on that same ground.

The time is always right to do what is right.
Martin Luther King Jr.

Why Columbia?

Though the violence was distributed throughout the state and Columbia itself saw little of it, the purpose of the violence was to reclaim power in Columbia and take the state house. The state house grounds also memorializes some of the perpetrators of this violence with no mention of the voices they snuffed out.

One Columbia has been authorized by the City of Columbia to manage projects such as this one and is ready to take this on if enough public interest exists.

For these reasons, Columbia is a perfect location for the future monument.

Help Out

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