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The goal of this website is to inform citizens of South Carolina about the Terror of 1876 and to bring attention to the fact that one of its most prominent perpetrators, Benjamin Tillman, is honored with a statue on the statehouse grounds. Our hope is that, with a full understanding of Tillman’s legacy, South Carolinians will move to modify the statue's plaque to include the crimes of which Tillman himself boasted.

Read on to see how you can help accomplish this mission.

Ways to Help

Contact Your Representatives

Get your SC State Senator’s and SC State Representative’s contact information by entering your address here. Let them know that is unacceptable that Tillman's statue stands proudly with no mention of his crimes.


However good it is to let lawmakers know what you think, in the current environment, a quick legislative solution to the Tillman problem seems unlikely. So, brainstorming creative ideas to change the current environment is necessary. If you have ideas for how to get the word out about the Terror of 1876 and Tillman’s involvement in it, please let us know.


Eventually we'll need to do more than brainstorm, and once ideas have been refined to the point they require action, volunteers will be needed. Sign up to the email list with “Volunteer Opportunities” checked to hear about ways you can help in the future.


Right now donations are not being accepted. However, once specific projects that require funding are underway and the t’s have been crossed and i’s dotted, donations will be accepted. Let us know If you want to donate when that day comes.. Thanks!

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